Where do we go when we sleep?

"Life and dreams are leaves of one and the same book", says Schopenhauer, two sides of the same coin.

But what is waking life and what is sleeping life? The border is blurred, conscious life and dream existence are like the black and white of the photographic image or, rather, the positive and the negative: one depends on the other and vice versa.

In the case of Dreamlike, it is in good measure a dream

The photographs in the book mistake reality with the dream

Therefore, the image has a double personality: an external and a deep (or internal) one; an unconscious which, as argued in psychoanalysis, is independent of the conscious side.

Order and disorder, sharpness and blur, light and shadow, movement and stillness are all unsettling elements for the viewer as they continually shift the register of the gaze.

The dream is in fact a matrix, that can unravel as many interpretations as there are human beings, since each one will see something that belongs to him and that he has always believed to be his own, while – in reality – the archaic component of the dream is such that any individual can recognize himself as much in uniqueness as in sociality.

The intent of this work is precisely to take the viewer by the hand and lead him along an unknown path trying not to imprint any information in his mind since only he will be able to answer the questions spurred by the observation of the images.

The question remains: Where do we go when we sleep?

Texts taken from: Visioni dal Profondo, by Giovanna Gammarota